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About Prof. John Morrissey

John has published widely in the areas of geopolitics, imperialism, security and development. His books include Negotiating Colonialism (2003), Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis (2014), The Long War (2017) and Haven (2020). His research has been supported by various grants, from the British Academy, Clinton Institute for American Studies, ESRC and IRC, and in recent years he has held research fellowships at City University of New York, LUISS University Rome, Virginia Tech, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. In addition to his research, John is passionately committed to teaching. At NUI Galway, he is the Programme Director of the MA in Environment, Society and Development, a leading Masters programme attracting international students from all over the world. The programme has won a number of accolades for its civic engagement element, which involves students working on the ground with the UN in Bosnia. John won the President's Award for Teaching Excellence at NUI Galway in 2011 and for a second time in 2018, and in 2012 won the NAIRTL Irish National Academy Award for Research and Teaching Excellence.

Publication of ‘Haven’ Book

Haven (Edward Elgar 2020) has just been published! The book offers a transformative understanding of security in responding to the Mediterranean refugee crisis by drawing critically on the UN concept of ‘human security’. From a range of Arts, Humanities and Social Science disciplines, … Continue reading

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The Global Governance Challenge of Human Security

John Morrissey Development Studies Association (03-07-2020) Abstract: In the history of the world, there has possibly never been a greater realisation of our interconnected global precarity. That precarity is experienced in unequal ways, of course, but there is no doubt … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and the Neoliberal House of Cards

John Morrissey Transforming Society (19-06-2020) Abstract: When asked for his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Irish writer Kevin Barry remarked that his greatest hope was that we realise that “we have been living in a fable, a fable of progress, … Continue reading

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The COVID-19 Exposure

John Morrissey ZNet (06-06-2020) Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted multiple responses to safeguard life, and the efforts of frontline workers across the globe are a reminder of the empathy and resilience of the human spirit. Throughout history, all societies … Continue reading

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The New Global Sense of Precarity

John Morrissey Towards the end of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Vladimir declares that “we are no longer alone, waiting for the night”. He muses that we are all in fact metaphorically “waiting for Godot”, and that life is mostly … Continue reading

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Haven Project Symposium Success

The Haven Project is prompted by a sense of academic responsibility to respond constructively and collaboratively to the increasingly precarious geographies evident in our current moment of global geopolitics and its seemingly endless cycles of violent interventionism. It would never have been … Continue reading

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Haven Project Postgrad Research

In seeking to develop active research on placing the concept of ‘human security’ at the heart of Western interventionary responses to the Mediterranean crisis, a core Haven Project aim has been to advance critical postgraduate research on humanitarian interventionism. Since the initiation … Continue reading

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The Haven Project Symposium

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Derek Gregory to Speak at the Haven Project Symposium

The Haven Project Symposium: Intervening for Human Security Moore Institute, Hardiman Research Building, NUI Galway Saturday, 29 October 2016  Conference Overview The Haven Project centres on advancing the idea of ‘intervening for human security’ in the ongoing Mediterranean humanitarian crisis. By … Continue reading

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Haven Project Features in Launch of IRC Global Development Funding

IRC Press Release, 23 March Research Funding Programme to Support Policy Making for Global Development The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, gender-based violence in Malawi, and the role of music for children in direct provision are amongst the research topics being … Continue reading

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